What is Hair Straightener?

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The hair straightener is one of the most loved hair tools of today’s woman. It is a tool that is designed mainly to straighten the curls or waves of hair. Basically, used in hair styling, it is a part of the daily schedule for many working women.

Hair straightening is done through the hair straightener usually lasts till the next hair wash. But if you want to get rid of the curly hair for a longer term, permanent hair straightening solutions are meant for you. You would be amazed to see the number of results by just typing this in your google search bar What is Hair Straightener?

The market is full of various types of hair straighteners. These are designed for different hair types as well as for suiting different hair styling needs. Thus, it is important to be aware of the options available in the market to know which one is suitable as per your hair requirement.

The new generation straighteners

Like new generation smartphones, we have new generation hair straighteners to suit the need of today’s fast-paced women. The hair straighteners now are more efficient and less bulky than the earlier ones in 1900’s. The traditional hair irons or straighteners weren’t advanced enough to complement the need of each hair type or carry around while traveling.

Luckily, we live in the era of science and innovation where we have been provided a wide range of hair straighteners. They are either plated or have the coating of certain material/ metal, which is less harmful to the hair. Furthermore, they can be used by without anyone’s help and you may actually get rid of the curls in just about two minutes.

Types of hair straighteners

Ever thought of what is hair straightenerplate made of? It is usually plated with ceramic, titanium or Tourmaline. Naturally procured material Tourmaline is actually a gemstone, but when coated with the flat iron of hair straightener it does wonder for your hair. Also, there are different sizes of ½” mini flat iron, 1” flat iron, 1 ¼ “flat iron, 1 ½ “flat iron and 2” flat iron.

Also, if you are more likely to travel on the frequent basis, you can opt for a cordless, travel-friendly hair straightener. Read on further to know the different types of hair straighteners available.

Ceramic Plated Hair Straighteners

The most commonly sought hair straighteners are ceramic plated ones. Ceramic is known for heating up evenly and gradually. Always look forceramic plating rather than coating since coating might get damaged after few usages.

Titanium Plated Hair Straighteners

Titanium is known for its relatively faster and consistent heating up process. The titanium plated straighteners suit well the thick hair. Try not to use these on the fine hair since faster heating could cause damage to the thin hair.

Tourmaline Plated Straightener

This is chosen for the kind of shine it leaves after hair straightening. Tourmaline also works like a ceramic plated iron and is compatible with using on to the fine hair as well.

Select according to hair type

Plate type- The ceramic plates are perfect for causing less friction to the hair and makes the hair softer. Titanium plates work well for thick, coarse hair and get heat up faster than the ceramic ones. Tourmaline plated irons are on the other hand are known for improving static hair and will leave the hair shinier.


Plate width- Selection of plate width directly relates to the length of hair to be straightened. For short and fine hair, the slim plates of 2.5-3 centimeters of width are perfect. For short to medium hair length 3-4 centimeters wide plates are good enough. If you have long hair then plate width of up to 6 centimeters would work perfectly well. Also, slim to medium width plates shall be chosen if you have fine with normal hair. However, for thick and coarse hair, you must select the wide plate hair straightener since wide plates cover more hair in one twist.

Plate size- Shoulder length or above shoulder length hair can be styled using ½”- 1 ¼” mini flat iron. For medium length hair, an iron size of 1-1 ½” inch would suffice. Below shoulder (long hair) shall be straightened well with 1 ½”- 2-inch flat iron.

Problems with hair straighteners

The common problem with hair straightener is the damage it causes to your hair when frequently used. Hair may become thinner or brittle consequently. You may always select the one which causes the least harm to the hair. Latest hair straighteners also have the options to control the temperature of iron so you may always keep the heating temperature low or as safe as you require to prevent any hair damage. Using conditioners for revamping the hair health is also suggested.


Q-  What is Hair Straightener?

A-  Hair straightener is a handheld machine for straightening the curly and wavy hair on temporary basis

Q- Can I use the hair straightener on wet hair?

A- No. Hair must be dried well since hair straightener is an electric device.

Q- Can I use hair straightener every day to style my hair?

A- You shouldn’t. It may make your hair look dizzy, brittle.

Q- How to minimize the hair damage caused by frequent hair straightening?

A- Use hair protection spray before using the hair straightener. Use conditioner after each head wash to help to retain the moisture in hair.

Q- What are the other features to look for while selection?

A-Other features may include- automatic on/off option, heat control option, cordless feature (suitable for travel), built-in combs or brushes for improving hair straightening experience.

Q- Are there any cordless hair straighteners available in the market?

A- Yes. There are multiple travel-friendly, cordless hair straighteners available too.


The above information has been written to solve your queries regarding What is Hair Straightenerand such related facts. The fundamental purpose of any hair straightening iron is to transform the curls and waves in the hair into a straight and smooth texture that can further be used for creating unique hairstyles.

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