Zero Turn Mower Tips for Beginner’s Operation

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First time with a zero turn mower? If yes, there are a lot in it to be surprised with. Just keep reading the article zero turn mower tips for beginner’s operation.

zero turn mower tips

A zero-turn mower is a standard lawn mower. It has a turning radius that detects the movement of it. The value of turning radius is effectively zero. There are various kinds of zero-turn mowers of different models and brands. They achieve this effective value in the different method. But all types of mowers control their hydraulic speed commonly. It is also known as a z-turn mower.

We use zero turn mowers to cut closely around the obstacles. So, there is no need to trim. They pivot through 180 degrees. So, there remains no uncut grass. Thus, you need to know Zero Turn Mower Tips while operating this machine.

What’s Included in Zero Turn Mower Tips?

There exist both the homeowner and commercial models. They vary in engine power options, fuel types, cutting deck sizes and prices. Most models have four wheels – two swiveling front tires and two drive tires in the back. In some zero turn mowers, a fifth wheel situates in the center and behind the driver.

A zero turn mower drives faster than a riding mower. It has no steerable front wheels like a riding mower.

Zero Turn Mower Tips For Beginner’s Operation

If you are a beginner, tips on this section will take you to a moderate mowing skill-

Zero-turn mowers differ from usual mowers for their brake and steer. They steer as well as brake with a set of controls. The set of controls is a pair of lap bars. This gives better maneuverability in order to run them safely with a learning curve. Some effective Zero Turn Mower Tips for beginner’s operation includes –

  • At first get familiar with all the controls and their functions.
  • Learn how to start and stop the zero turn mowers. Also, learn to disengage them quickly.
  • To avoid injury, avoid blade contact or thrown objects.
  • While using the mowers, keep children, pets at least 75 feet from the blade. Stop the machine immediately if anyone enters within the range.
  • Remove all kinds of foreign objects, toys, stones from the area of mowing operation. Otherwise, the blade may pick them up and throw here and there causing injuries.
  • Design mowing pattern avoiding the discharge of material. The discharging may ricochet the materials to the operator.
  • Using discharge cover or grass catcher in the mowing area is one of the great Zero Turn Mower Tips.
  • Keep your hands or feet away from the rotating parts of the machine.
  • Avoid mowing the tall and dry grass or dry leaves. They can contact the engine exhaust causing a potential fire.
  • Turn the slopes if necessary.
  • Avoid mowing on wet grass and leaves.
  • Don’t stabilize the mower by putting feet on the soil.
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Slopes of Zero Turn Mowers

Controlling slope value is one of the significant Zero Turn Mower Tips. The devices we use for mowing grass operate slopes up and down greater than 10 degrees. Deriving slope value in the range is much easier using zero-turn mowers.

Zero-turn mowers are rear-heavy. Usually, 25 percent of their weight is in the front. While 75 percent of the weight works on the rear side, where the engine is. Besides, zero turn mowers steer with their back wheels. It may lose its ability to drive downhill on wet leaves or grasses or wet surfaces.

You will find that a zero turn mower will be easier to drive up a slope compared to a mowing tractor. You can check the slope of your lawn with a pitch and angle reader. To mow put the machine on a level edge and press firmly into the grass.

How to Handle Steering?

Steering zero turn mowers are changing the speeds of the back tires. Two levers are used to control the rate of the tires. They extend on either side of the driver. Moreover, they can spread over the lap typically. The mower moves forward if the levers are moved forward with the same force. When you pull back both levers at the same time, it moves backward. To make a gentle turn, move one lever with more force than the other. In order to create zero radius turn, move one lever forward and the other backward. At this time, the mower is pivoted from the rear drive wheels.

Zero turn mowers can also use steering wheels. For this, they are designed in a different way. Zero turn mowers use steering wheel by connecting an axle to the back wheels. The axle is placed in the midpoint of the mower body. Steering zero turn mowers is another Zero Turn Mower Tips.


You should be careful while using any mowing instruments. This may reduce the risk of injury. For this reason, you need to be aware of your positions about obstacles. With a zero turn mower, you can mow in water, retaining walls, curbs, trees and like objects. Follow the zero turn mower tips to perform the mowing task correctly.

  • Water: When you operate the machine in ponds or streams, keep one mower’s width distance from their edge. The borders have steeper slopes. Such slopes are hazardous for zero turn mowers. They can overturn the mowers or flip backward.
  • Trees, light posts: You should be extra careful at the time of mowing near trees, light posts and like objects. Zero turn mowers give extreme maneuverability. So, if the mower slips, it can damage the mailbox posts, light posts or trees at near.

Like this, you can use a zero turn mower to mow grass in different places. All you need is to maintain the Zero Turn Mower Tips with great care.

Safety Measures

Mowing grass is comparatively easier with a zero turn radius. It completes the work quickly and efficiently than other mowing instruments. That is why the zero turn mower tips should be followed. The effective measures include such as-

  • Hearing Protection: Zero turn mowers make noises while operating. Such noise can damage your hearing ability. Use earmuff or foam squeeze-in earplugs to avoid this loud sound.
  • Eye Protection: While operating, the mower blade may throw debris. They could bounce off shed, fence, and grasses. This trash material can enter in your eyes and irritate them. For avoiding this eye irritation, you may use pair of safety glasses as a security measure.

The Bottom Line

Zero turn mower mows grass and leaves easily and efficiently in various places. With this instrument, slope values controlling is easier. Adopt the Zero Turn Mower Tips quickly, if you are a beginner. So, you will be able to complete your task with ease.

Last but not least, try avoiding lawn damage.

Happy mowing!

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