Are Zero Turn Mowers Good For Hills

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It’s a headache when you have got a lawn on a hilly plot and you have to mow it regularly. People, who face this, often end up with tons of frustration with using the best zero turn mowers for hills properly.

Sound familiar?

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I have a beautiful garden on the hilly terrain. At first, I faced several difficulties in mowing with zero turn mowers for hills. Who knows, maybe you are the next one to face such a situation. Being an experienced lawnmower, I recommend you to use a zero-turn mower. The Zero Turn Mowers For Hills can be a good solution if the steepness is less than 15 degrees. This is because there’s a chance of rollover accidents in a high steep slope.

A zero-turn mower is a friendly tool to mow your lawn quickly. It makes trimming grass fun and entertaining. You can finish your job fast like a circus ride by a zero-turn mower.

For Whom A Zero Turn Mower Is?

A zero-turn mower is a standard lawn mower. It has versatile caster wheels. With the caster wheels, it can maneuver the lawn quickly. These agile mowers can even trim curved walkways and garden edges. Thai is why you should employ Zero Turn Mowers For Hills.

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Zero Turn Mowers For mowing Hills

Zero turn mowers are lawn mowers with a zero effective turning radius. They mow the grasses and leaves carefully around the obstacles. Almost all models of this mower have four wheels. Two swiveling wheels in the front and two drive wheels in the back. They can mow faster than any other lawn mowing devices.

Zero Turn Mower Tips

This mower uses the front caster wheels to maneuver efficiently around the lawn. It can also mow curved walkways or garden edges. Except for much steeper hills, zero turn mowers run well in awkward places. To use Zero Turn Mowers try following tips:

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Steer It Correctly

The front wheels of a zero turn mower are casters. That is why it uses the drive wheels in the back for steering. To turn left, move the mower in the right- hand direction using the steering lever. Don’t try to enter the steeper slopes with faulty steering control. This may move the device diagonally to the hill’s contour with rolling. Besides, don’t apply rear brakes quickly. It also causes sliding on hills.

Control the Speed

Monitor the speed of Zero Turn Mowers for hills with great care. The high-speed grass mowing capacity is the specialty of such mowers. Zero turn mowers quickly and speedily mow lawns. But you have to control this speed for hills. Drive the Zero Turn Mowers slowly. As you maneuver the mower up and down the hill, drive it at a constant velocity. Move the Zero Turn Mowers for hills moderately. Such moderate speed gives tire traction to the mower. It also ensures secure grass trimming.

Avoid the sharp turns. If you suddenly take a sharp turn, the machine’s momentum loses control. The uncontrolled momentum causes rollover and skidding in the machine. Before starting mowing on a hill remove the bagged grass from the mower. The bagged grass provides excessive weight to the machine. So, the weight reduces the steering control of the instrument. This increases the risk of slippage on a hill.

Tread the Zero Turn Mowers For Hills Lightly

From the above discussion, you already know about the wheel system of the zero turn mowers. The caster wheels in the front have less tire traction. So, the zero turn mowers can mow fast on tight turns. Such tires are beneficial for mowing in flat lands. But the caster tires don’t provide any stability on hills. The drive tires are the only source of firm traction when you do mowing operation on hills.

Lack of tread in tires causes sliding against the turf. It can cause potential slipping down the hill. So, check the tires whether they have good traction or not. Only start mowing when the grass is dry. You should choose wide rear wheels. It will enhance the surface area of tires on the ground.

Take Safety Gears

Since driving zero turn mowers are a bit tricky, take proper safety gears. Start Zero Turn Mowers with appropriate security measures. Use front wheel drive mower, if you have to mow a hill with 15 degree or larger slopes. You may also engage walk-behind models in this respect. They will reduce the potential risk of injuries.

Also, use the seat belt and roll bar system for safely mowing hills with gentle slopes. Instead of forcing the machine’s weight to the driver in a rollover roll bars push it on the bar. Thus, they protect you from injury. With proper steering and slow speed, you will be able to use Zero Turn Mowers for hills with efficiency.

The Verdict

Everyone wishes to have a smooth lawn. However, a flat lawn greatly depends on its trimming. A zero turn mower ensures a proper trimming even in high grounds. So, use Zero Turn Mowers For Hills, if your garden lies on the hilly ground. Be sure about your mower functions and follow the tips mentioned above for mowing on a hill.

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