The Yearly Scholarship 2019 – Award Value: $1000

The Yearly Scholarship 2019

A $1000 Yearly Writing Scholarship

Staple Search is happy to announce this year’s Yearly Scholarship, 2019 and inviting you as a participant. If you are a student of College, University or and High School, this can be an excellent opportunity to offset your educational cost.

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Feel Free to apply!

Who We Are? is one of the fastest growing initiative reviewing the latest home tools and outdoor products. We do work with various categories and help our readers to find the best possible solution to their problems with the least effort from their side.

Apart from our effort to benefit people with best product information. So we are likely to contribute to the society as a part of our business. It had always been a great privilege for us to help out the talented but needy people from all around the globe. We understand the power of written words and with due respect. So We would like to support talented students with a passion for internet write up. Each year, we offer a student scholarship on article writing that worth a $1000 USD.

Why Do You Need A Scholarship?

We understand how hard it is to meet both ends of cost and demands. As we all know, those tuition fees aren’t going to pay back. So a scholarship with such a free giveaway is a much-needed chance for you.

Apart from the heavy course loads or part-time job, a scholarship is the last thing a smart student should go for. Especially, for students of just High School or College finds it hard to meet both ends of demands and income. So, students looking for new extracurricular activities can take this as a push to the wide-open industry of internet marketing. So now you are here.

Moreover, this excellent opportunity can bring over more opportunities to avail other scholarships that you weren’t even originally qualified for.

About The Scholarship

If you think Yearly Scholarship 2019 as an opportunity that you deserve, you are welcome to participate. So to get enrolled, the only thing you need to do is creating a Well-Researched and Informative article on any of these three topics-

  1. Best Methods to Keep Your Lawn Clean and Weed Free.
  2. A Beginners Guide to Maintaining Your Garden at Home.
  3. Simple Tips to Have a Vacation in Limited Budget.

Here is some information you must know before applying-


The Yearly Scholarship 2019 is only applicable for students studying in high schools, colleges or universities. So any other participants won’t be counted.

Content Requirement

As mentioned above, the title of the content will be any of the above-mentioned titles. You should select the topic as per your preference. It should be a well-researched, smartly expressed and informative piece of writing. The content should be 100% unique, verbal and grammatical error free. The words of your contents should be capable of convincing anyone that you know what you are writing and you are confident about it.

Program Deadline

The last date for submitting your scholarship article is 11.59 pm, 31st Jan 2019. Right after the deadline, we will stop accepting applications and start the selection process. The winning article will be chosen and announced by 10th Feb 2019. The final list will be published on our website and sent an email to the winner as well. This is recurring yearly scholarship. So if you forgot to send the application to the right time, don’t worry. Because you have another chance in next year.

The Reward

As a reward for the good effort, the winner will be gifted a $1000 USD by As per the announcement, the winner can expect to get our check by the date of 1st February 2019 to the mailing address provided with the application. But remember, We never ask your SSN.

How to Apply?

A few simple steps are required to follow to avail the opportunity-

  • Step 01: Create a well researched informative content on any of the above three subject lines. But be careful about the formatting, information flow and readability of the written content. The content must be in between 1000-1500 words.
  • Step 02: Send us the content you have written as an attachment to an email. The recipient email address is, and the subject line would be Yearly Scholarship 2019.
  • Step 03: With the email, attach any document such as students ID, Testimonial, Authorized Statement that proves your studentship.

Importantly, not more than one content is preferred from one applicant.

Other Requirements to Follow

Send us these following information along with the email so that we don’t miss the opportunity to reach you-

  • Personal details (Name, Age, Address, Postal Code and Phone number.
  • Institutional details (Name of the School/College/University, Area of study).
  • Any Photo ID by your name that proves you are a student.

If you provide any wrong information, you cannot claim the reward money instantly. But you can claim it by an authority such as your college principal.

Scholarship Summary

See them at a glance of the scholarship before participate here. So you can understand everything easily.

  • Program Name: Yearly Scholarship, 2019
  • Reward: $1000 USD
  • Eligible Applicants: Any High School/College/University Students
    • Title of Content (Any of this three-)
    • Best Methods to Keep Your Lawn Clean and Weed Free.
    • A Beginners Guide to Maintaining Your Garden at Home.
    • Simple Tips to Have a Vacation in Limited Budget.
  • Word counts 1000-1500 words.
  • Content Style: Well-researched, engaging and highly informative.
  • Submission Deadline: 11.59 pm, 31st Jan 2019.
  • Publication of Results: 10th Feb 2019.

Contact Us

Any question or queries you have in your mind regarding the scholarship, then you are welcome to ask us here. We love to read your email and also love to reply.


Send an email to and we’ll be right back with answer.

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